About Us
For the Love of Dog
Paws 4 Play is a small family business owned and operated by Doug Wynne, Jen Salt and their dog Ben.  They started the business in 2001, as a response to a shortage of leash-free group play settings in Newburyport.  Ben still had a lot of puppy energy and needed more than the weekend beach romp to keep him satisfied.  That’s when Doug left his dot com job and Jen left Newbury Animal Hospital to go to work for Ben full time.  The couple were married in a Tibetan refugee village in India in 2006, and are expecting their first child in the fall of 2007.  Poor kid will probably be known as The Dog Boy at pre-school.
Jen is the manager, nurse and part-time Canine Lifeguard.  Doug the primary Lifeguard and Pack Leader, has logged over 12,000 hours in the yard, observing dog behavior.  And Ben, by nature a pretty laid back Staffordshire Terrier / Lab mix, has risen to the challenge of being, Chief Exercise Officer.
Because Paws 4 Play is also their home (they live upstairs with their four cats), it’s much more about quality of life for the humans and animals at this Mom and Pop shop than about making big money.  Doug is a musician, and Jen is a photographer, so they chose lifestyle over luxury a long time ago!  For customers, that means a small play group in a big yard, overnight boarding with the comforts of home, and a place where dogs can be themselves in the company of compassionate people who understand them.
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